Monday, 25 February 2013

learn how to use Google Map Maker to improve your Google Map Part 1

 Sometime in April 2011 Google opened up the U.S. map for editing in its Map Maker application, allowing web developers and any user, for that matter, to add places, edit places, add roads, and review edits made by others on the Google Map.
Map Maker gives you the capability to edit Google Maps directly, giving you access to correct errors you may find, add missing points or places of interest, roads, monuments, business locations.
Google Map Maker allows you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in both Google Maps and Google Earth. Once your edits are made and approved you will provide the world a more accurate view of the locations and points of interest that are under your appraisal.

Run a search in Google Maps using your business’s or organization’s address, look at the results to see where your point of interest or feature shows up, and review the detail that is displayed. Is the pointer feature accurately positioned, and does the content detail accurately represent your organization? Does your company or organization operate on a large campus with many buildings spread over several acres of land? If so, you can make sure every building has its own detailed point of interest; and, you can add in roads, paths, and the boundary line of your site. The added detail will make your Google Map easier and more useful to customers, employees, and visitors. Updating your business locations with accurate detail On Google Map Maker will help your customers to find you, and will give you an edge during map location searches.

Add a Place: Add a place of interest with detail description and address
Add Roads, Rivers, Railways: this Add new option can be used to draw roads, rivers, railways and any other linear features with the description and names.
Add Building Outlines: This option can be used to delineate the outlines of Buildings, Towers, Lighthouses, Monuments and more; with description and names
Add Natural Features and Political Boundaries: Natural features like Parks, lakes, Towns, Cities, Villages and more.
NB: All these Natural and Artificial features is added as Points, Lines and Polylines; just like as it is done in GIS and CAD software. 

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