Tuesday, 23 April 2013


 It has become expedient to highlight on the need for personal security awareness as a counter measure..      
1.       The most important thing about security awareness is to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing. This puts you in a position of confidence and power, and enhances your security and that of your immediate environment. People that appear to be observant and aware of their surroundings and what they are doing are far less likely to become victims of personal crime 
2.      When entering an unfamiliar place, take a moment to familiarize yourself    with.· other people in the room, your position relative to other doorways and exits, crowds of  people, skirmishes, noises, or  things to avoid. This is basically the first step of a security threat assessment in any situation.  
3.      The key is to be proactive - look first and be aware of what and who is around you before there is a problem. Identify who may be a threat to your personal security by their actions. Stay on well-lit streets at night, and be with a group whenever possible while moving on foot, otherwise take a licensed cab to avoid walking around alone. In general, use common sense whether you are alone or in groups. 
4.      Passwords of all kinds need to be protected.  Not  only  for  your computer at work or email account, but your bank code, PIN number on phone calls, anything that requires a password. Don't be ashamed to cover your hand with your wallet or free hand while punching in a code and hunching in towards the bank machine to block unwanted eyes is a good thing.                                                                                                  
So here are 5 additional ways of improving your security consciousness at home, at work and in transit (between home and work). Don't: just read, please share with others!   more after cut
Be Unpredictable - Randomness
The enemy while understudying a target looks for consistent patterns in your daily life. You follow the same route to and from work, you always drink or club or party or keep late night’s eve!}' Friday, you use one password for all your ATM cards, the same taxi cab takes you to work eve!}' Day or takes your kids to school. The more predictable you become, the easier it is for the enemy to strike. They will simply plan an attack based on your predictable patterns of life. If you return from work the same time every Day, the enemy can plan an attack at that exact time. So allow some form of randomness in your life. As they say, the only constant thing in life is change, likewise, try to change some static patterns in your life that can be used as clues by the enemy to strike.
Be Secretive - Talk Less
Don't share personal information with strangers. The enemy works with information before striking. The more they know, the more accurate the attack. The less they know, the less accurate the attack. So how can you protect yourself? By keeping your mouth shut. Learn not to share private information in public places such as in the bus, beer parlor, church, school or any other public gatherings.  You never know who is sitting close by eaves dropping on your conversation. Also when on the phone, don't call out aloud the amount of money you are discussing. Just by mentioning the amount loudly, -anyone around can spread the information to the enemy. Always lower your voice while on the phone especially while discussing business!
Be Accountable - Keep Records
Nothing is missing if there's no record of its existence. One good way to guard against theft of properties or valuable items is to ensure proper records are kept   this is especially true if you are away from home or Work. Keep track of your money, keep track of your luggage and keep track of your time. Avoid any unnecessary discussions with strangers who may be using delay tactics to tie you down while the enemy is working. In your business, stake accurate stocks of your goods. You can never trust your workers enough and even if you do trust them/ how about your customers? Without closely monitoring your inventory customers who visit your business premises can make away with your goods.
Be Accompanied- Never Walk Alone
As much as possible/ try not to walk alone especially during odd hours. If you are leaving home early to work make friends with someone else on your street that leaves as early as you do too. If you come home late from work and you live in a lonely neighborhood ask your family member to Wait up for you mid-way. And if you don’t have a family member who can Wait up for you mid-way to the local night guard on your street and have them walk you home. The probability of being attacked when alone is much higher than when you are accompanied. This is why police officers have partners. Despite the fact that they are armed, they are sent out in two and never alone.
 Be Insured- Securing Your Loss
No matter how security conscious one can be/ there are some threats/ risk or   dangers that are outside your direct control. These are natural occurrences like fire/ flood, tornadoes accident, etc. Because they are not man-made/they are hardly prevented. So  the  only  way  to  minimize threat risks  or dangers caused by nature is  to  insure  your  losses. Meaning/ insurance is a good security measure. Even we the providers of security make use of insurance.


  1. Nice piece bro. But I suggest you should do more work with your posts before sending em. The texts appear too distant apart at one point & too muddled up at another point.

  2. thanks Joseph for your observation, i will work on that next time. Always visit my blog and make your contribution.


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