Saturday, 22 June 2013

Nigeria: ‘Don’t Drink Water from Corrugated Iron Sheet’

By Eyo Charles
An expert, Edodi Unumoh has warned that people should no longer drink rain water got from the corrugated iron roof.
Unumoh, the Centre Manager, Technical Incubation Centre, an agency of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in Calabar gave the advice in Calabar while calling on the unemployed to take advantage of the centre to increase their skills, potentials and employability.
Unumoh said that rain water from the rustic corrugated iron sheet often becomes acidic and therefore has the capability to become source of cancerous ailments.
He strongly warned that people should be wary of such water and advised that irrespective of cost of the corrugated iron sheet house-owners should endeavour to replace them when they become old to avoid such dangerous ailments.
He said that they have done several researches from their laboratories at the incubation centre and found that such water was highly contaminated and at  such they recommend that people should beware of it.
He said there were now modern ways of  how to roof houses and Nigerians should keep abreast with this latest development and avoid contamination with the cancerous agents.
“Fortunately, the Incubation centre in Calabar has the technologies to fabricate this new roof made of tiles which are now easily and cheaply available.  We therefore strongly encourage people to take advantage of this as a way of keeping away from cancer,” he said.

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