Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cooking Smoke: Nigeria’s silent killer

The Energy Commission of Nigeria and the International Centre for Energy, Environment & Development have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at reducing the rising mortality associated with smoke from firewood.
Both organisations hope to build capacity in the country to provide scientific testing of stoves.  A Memoranda of Understanding signed by the organisation would see to the establishment of the National Clean Cookstoves Development and Testing Laboratory at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
The collaboration according to a statement issued by ICEED would assist in the development of technical standards for stoves manufactured or imported into Nigeria; provision of testing and certification services related to stove technical quality, indoor air pollution, and energy efficiency; assist stove developers in improving skills for local stove design and construction methods.
Other aims include conducting research and development in collaboration with Nigerian and international research institutes and laboratories; establishment and strengthen linkages between the laboratory and the stove industry; maintaining appropriate liaison with relevant regulatory and statutory agencies; support capacity building of other national research and development institutions in stove design and production and to serve as a national demonstration centre for clean cooking technologies.
Written by Alex Abutu

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