Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to view KMZ or KML File on Mobile Devices

Your mobile devices are indeed smart, yes i said smart!
Years ago i usually depend on my PC installed Google Earth software to view KMZ and KML files and that requires the stress of going to the office or home. Now you can view your KMZ or KML files anywhere.
Google Earth has consistently been improving on mobile devices and the improvements is making life easier for Geoinformatics professionals.

this is how it works..
Firstly, ensure that Google Earth app is installed in your mobile device.

1- Google drive or dropbox: save the kml or kmz file in dropbox or google drive, then open the application in you mobile device, choose the specific kml file and open with Google earth.

2- Email: forward the kml or kmz file to you email inbox as attachment, then open the attachment with Google earth in your mobile device.

3- KMLZ to Earth: Download KMLZ to Earth Android App.  It allows you to view KML and KMZ files on your Android device using Google Earth. If you are unable to view a KML or KMZ file or attachment in Google Earth, then this is the app that you need!

Firstly, save the KMZ or KML file in your mobile device local disk. KMLZ to Earth allows you to browse through your local files to select a KML or KMZ file to display in Google Earth. It also allows you to view your saved email attachments in Google Earth.

Interesting Huh? You can try it and drop your comments if it works or make your contributions. We are eager to learn more.

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