Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Flood Safety Tips

Now the flood is here… stay safe
Flood Safety Tips
Floods are relatively common in Nigeria  and also destructive as we experienced in the country in 2012 and 2013. It is pertinent we get informed with hands on flood safety tips and get prepared for a flood. knowing what to do when floods occur can protect your property and reduce the number of casualties.

             Be prepared
·         Being prepared for the possibility of a flood is very important ,especially those that reside in flood plain area.

·         Keep always listen or read about rain and flood predictions about your area.
·         Inform your family of the closest safe areas that are suitable for seeking refuge from floods, and they should know several different routes to access the safe location.
·         Develop modalities with your family on how to exit the house in case of a flood and where to go and meet in the event that you become separated.
·         Ensure all valuables are kept in safe location elsewhere during this season.
·         Having some basic essentials on hand like non-perishable food, bottled water and flashlights with extra batteries is a good idea.
·         Clear all drainage around you.


·         Study your area by knowing some risk prone locations like gullies, unsafe electrical installations, ditches etc.
·         During floods will definitely find it difficult in moving around due to streets and roads that are overflowing with water. If you know there is a chance of flooding from an oncoming storm, evacuate safe areas to avoid the effects of the flood.
·          If you must drive in a flooded area, don't try to drive across flooded road, as the water may be much deeper than you expect.
·          Don't attempt to cross areas where water is flowing, as flowing water can cause erosion and landslides and may carry vehicles or people away with the current. If you are in a vehicle that becomes stranded in a foot or two of water, leave the vehicle and seek safe ground.

                       More tips
·         do not drink flood water,
·         do not walk or swim through moving flood water
·         During a flood monitor, social media, radio or TV news coverage of the flood whenever possible to get an idea of the worst flooded areas and when it might be safe to return home.
·         After a flood, do not be in a hurry to move back to your affected apartment even if flood waters have receded. Call utility workers to check some of your utilities like electricity etc. to make sure nothing was damaged in the flood. Be wary of downed power lines and other fallen objects and debris.
·         If your home was affected by the flood, attempt to dry everything out as quickly as possible and clean things that got wet. 

      safety consciousness should be your priority . stay safe and the picture below won't be your portion ..

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