Friday, 17 May 2013

Red Star embraces eco-friendly courier bags

Red Star Express Plc, a logistics company has embraced the use of bio-degradable polythene envelopes as its official flyers.
With the increasing global warming campaign, Red Star Express is actively seeking ways to reduce the carbon footprint by using bio-degradable materials.
Speaking on this new development, Ngozi Ochokwu, Red Star Express Marketing Manager, said her company has chosen to use bio-degradable polythene envelopes to parcel goods, in keeping with environmental-friendly global best practices, adding that the development would have a great impact on the health of the country and the world as a whole.
She said, “The overall impact of plastics and other non-bio-degradable on the people is hazardous and a major pollutant contributor to the environment. The polythene envelopes are manufactured to the highest quality. The envelopes are strong, less expensive, and lightweight and reduce postage costs.

“The innovative bio-degradable packaging material is easy to write on and it accepts stamps, franking and labels thus making it perfect for parcelling purpose. The material has qualities that make it ideal for catalogues, textiles and lever arch files and it disintegrates naturally in the ground.
We are constantly seeking new ways to support sustainable development, over and above existing international conservation standards,” said Ngozi Ochokwu.
“As a responsible business, we want to positively impact on our communities and adhere to an incremental environment strategy. Switching to bio-degradable flyers is a way of demonstrating our corporate commitment to embracing eco-friendly business practices,” she added.

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